KL Mac: an exceptionally bred Stallion and an exciting prospect for the future 


This athletic young stallion demonstrates amazing movement, exceptional temperament and incredible scope.  He would make an ideal sire for those wishing to breed Showjumpers, dressage or eventers due to his world class breeding and bloodlines.  

His breeding dates back to the age old championship blood lines of the trakehners in Liese in 1945 and his sire’s line were prolific winners in dressage and eventing.  His dam sire was the East European 4, 5 and 6 year old show jumping champion and also has Olympic show jumping medal winning lineage through Quidam  De Revel, and breeding from the successful “Rosette” line.


KL Mac’s sire, Larduc, was a ZFDP graded premium stallion.  He won his 100 day performance test in Germany and passed all three disciplines with a maximum score which has rarely been achieved.  Larduc’s pedigree is a combination of precious worthy old blood line of the Trakehner’s breed. His bloodline sees a forth-fold of Arabic blood of the  ‘Hauftbeschäler Trakehner Fetysz’ and there is also several time Hansakapitan, Hirtsensang and Markeur, belonging to the  meaningful stallions of the ‘Ostpreussens’ (current Poland) time.  Larduc’s sire, Marduc was one of the best stallions to pass on dressage skills since the Second World War. He was reserve champion in the ‘Hengstleistungsprüfung’ (the stallion potential examination) in Adelheidsdorf.

Larduc’s dam blood line can be traced back to Liese in 1945 before the famous flee from Poland.  His dam, Lajana is exceptionally well bred and contains the valuable bloodline of Mahon, Mahagoni and Habicht.  Lajana is ‘Leistungsgeprüfte’ (officially approved) ‘Staatsprämium’ (graduated by state) Mare and was winner of the ‘Zentralen Stuteneintragung van Niedersachsen’ (central mare registered county competition).

When we look to KL Mac’s dam line, his dam sire is Graf Quidam who is son of the fantastic world-famous show jumping sire, Quidam de Revel, who was part of the Bronze Medal winning team and 4th individual at the Barcelona Olympics. Graf Quidam won his 100 day performance test achieving 141index points and has competed Internationally since arriving in the UK in 2005. He is recognised as a BSJA Silver Elite Stallion winning over £12,000 in prize money in the UK alone. Graf Quidam’s dam, Grafia, is from the very successful Rosette line and grandsire Dalican was a prolific winner in Poland.

Combined with Olympic medal winning breeding through Quidam De Revel and his championship Trakhener pedigree, KL Mac provides modern athleticism matched with grace, elegance and bravery from rare winning breeding lines.  


KL Mac Gallery

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