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Sofscape Equine Paving......for all walks of life!

Sofscape equine rubber pavers are the ideal cushioned, slip resistant rubber surface which provide extraordinary footing support whether in the stable, walker, walkway or washbox with exceptional therapeutic benefits.




Superior comfort and health benefits for your horse

Sofscape pavers offer better cushion than most any equine rubber paver due to its patented impact absorption cavity network. The patented soft and flexible design improves cushion and comfort which reduces the potential for musculoskeletal injuries to the horse or prevent the aggrivation of exisiting ones. It has been shown to reduce tissue damage swelling and promote a faster healing process.


Benefits in hygiene through our unique drainage system

Sofscape’s tiles have a unique underside drainage network which   improves drainage efficiency therefore reducing the total bedding requirement for urine soaking purposes. The patented drainage network in its underside promotes proper circulation of water after scheduled cleanings. This promotes better hygiene as it allows water to drain along with impurities and fine particles. 
The improvement in hygiene can reduce allergies and respiratory disorders as the paving system promotes a reduction in dust. This patented drainage network is a huge benefit to the animal’s hygiene and is not available in any of the other solid pad or paving tile products available on the market.


Protection and safety in all weather conditions

Sofscape Pavers provide increased traction under all weather conditions and are impervious to rain, snow and will not freeze in winter.   They also provide insulation from cold, damp or wet floors. Some mats with smooth surfaces may get slick when wet while Sofscape’s pavers provide excellent tracking in most conditions.  The tailored fit which Sofscape pavers provide mean that a safe environment is provided for your horse, particularly in the stable where normal rubber mats may lift and get shavings stuck underneath.




Easily fitted, Sofscape pavers are extremly strong and virtually indestructible.  But, if for some unseen reason a tile is damaged, pavers easily pop out and a replacement can be done literally in a matter of seconds. Different to other tile and mat surfaces, Sofscape's 2" thick hex pavers design is virtually immune to deformation, bending or curling to which mats are prone.  Sofscape pavers come with a 5 years guarantee.


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