What is Fixture Free Fencing?

fence4.jpgFixture Free Fencing provides a unique electric fencing solution which is not only safe for your livestock, but is also durable, low maintenance and cost effective when compared to conventional post and rail.

Fixture Free Fencing is a patented-protected system of stock fencing that is simple and cost-effective to put up. It looks neat and tidy and most importantly it keeps horses, cattle, deer, sheep or whatever other stock you wish to control where you want them to be. Fields and paddocks can be set out in any configuration to suit your property and requirements, with gateways where they are most convenient for you and as many as you need.

As the name suggests there are none of the normal post fixtures and fittings that you usually have to use when setting up an electric fence. The electric fencing rope passes through the post itself, making the finished set-up look neat and tidy and without the risk of fittings coming off, causing an electric short-circuit and requiring repairs.

Considerable savings are made on the overall cost of erecting a stock fence through not using wooden posts or the usual post fittings. Maintenance is minimal and easy, saving time and money when compared with the frequent repairs often required with other fencing systems.

Why choose Fixture Free Fencing?

Weather resistant - The post will not rot or swell like wood during rainy down pours and therefore is more secure in it’s construction and designed to last longer.



Safety - Due to the upper strand of electric fencing rope at head level not only are horses discouraged from trying to jump out but they see the fence boundary much more easily!

Animal friendly – There’s no wood! With Fixture Free Fencing there are no sharp splinters created from rubbing or chewing the posts which can also help reduce crib biting.

Low maintenance – This patent protected system is designed to save you time and money!