Benefits of Fixture Free Fencing.

fence1.jpgThis proven fencing solution delivers many benefits:

• Designed especially for containing horses safely and can also be adapted for many other animals.

• A flexible, strong and durable system where rope passes through the post reducing  components and ensuring very little voltage drop.

• Non-electrified plastic strips can be used instead of rope which are suitable for gallops and parking areas.

• Posts can be made to whatever colour and height you require, standard colour is green and posts are made to sit 5ft6” out of the ground with 2ft6” underground.

• Strong polyplastic material construction,weather resistant and more durable than wood and will not rot in continuous wet weather.

fence2.jpg• Low maintenance and cost efficient, designed to save you money.

• Environmentally friendly to fit in with surrounding landscape

• Patent protected, you will not find this solution anywhere else!