Equine Stem Cell Therapy 




StemPlan - Innovative Technology 

  • A unique non- invasive method of collecting the stem cells. A simple blood sample is taken rather than aggressive surgical extraction

  • A purified, stable and viable stem cell is cloned and expanded and is then consistently renewable for life

  • Flexibility and convenience Frozen ready to use formula for easily shipped doses

  • Available only through veterinarians


The Stem Cell Solution 

  •  A Stem cell therapy showed a 50% reduction in re injury rates from a study of over treated 2000 horses1

  • Stems cells can stimulate a response to reduce inflammation2

  •  Stem cells can reduce or eliminate scar tissue formation2

  • Stem cells can accelerate healing and tissue repair2


Treatable Injuries 

  • Musculoskeletal injuries. Ligament, tendon and bone fractures3

  • Inflammatory diseases such as laminitis and joint disease3



  • We have significant experience with STEMPLAN and have returned several horses to full fitness in a reduced timescale and are located 15 minutes from the Stem cell laboratory 

  • Veterinarians experienced with STEMPLAN and ultrasound guided tissue injection can greatly improve results. We have built a good relationship with Ben Coles BVSC MRCVS of Bourton Vale Equine Clinic over the years who is our primary treating vet


Scan images of Showjumping stallions injury before and after treatment using STEMPLAN 

Gus stayed at Kington Langley Stud for the duration of his treatment and rehab. I cannot recommend the team enough as well as Jo and Erik at BioDivide. For me, and Gus the outcome was fantastic”

Karen Gosney, Dressage Rider


“I really like the minimally invasive nature of simple blood collection resulting in reduced hassle/cost/pain to the client and horse and increased safety when compared to collection of stem cells from other sources.”


1 Beerts, C., et al., Front VetSci,2017.4: p.158. 2

3 Fortier and Travis Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2011, 2:9