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Terms & conditions, pre-breeding & resident check list


All fees must be paid before your mare or stallion can be collected from the premises. 

If the recipient embryo transfer mare leaves the stud before the 60 day in foal scan the charge will be applied when the mare leaves and re-funded if the mare is shown not to be in foal at 60 days. 


Livery will commence on the first day of which the horse arrives at Kington Langley stud and finish on the day the horse leaves.  The first day and last day will be charged as a full days livery. 

Recipient mares:

Any mares which are hired from Kington Langley stud must be returned in a healthy condition and evidence of regular worming and foot trimming.  All veterinary and keep fees will be the responsibility of the hirer.  If the mare is not returned in a fit or healthy condition, or in the event of a preventable death an additional £650 will be charged. 


Before your horse becomes resident at Kington Langley Stud they must be certified as CEM, EVA AND EIA free. 

Stallions requiring semem to be shipped to Europe MUST have swabs taken within 30 days of entering the facility, the CEM Swabs must be taken at 7 days apart, and all tests are to be sent to an official APHA laboratory. If animals are required to be put in isolation an additional £8 per day will be charged during this time. 

Strangles blood test:

This test should be taken in line with the CEM and EVA tests to show that the animal is free of this disease.