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Stallion Management and Semen Collection

The stud team at Kington Langley Stud have been managing stallions for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience. We can help you through every step of the way from dummy training, semen collection and managing your stallions through to freezing the semen in straws and storing for future use.

Every year we dummy train young stallions in a safe environment within our purpose built stud facility.  Specialist safety flooring, a well positioned dummy and safe environment for the teasing mare limits the risk to your stallion and others around him providing a learning environment which gives him confidence.  

Stud season resident collection service

During the stud season we can provide short or long term livery and collect semen every day from your stallion.  Our facilities allow mares to be brought for fresh semen collection which can then be Artificial Inseminated (AI)  by our team or we can send out chilled semen direct to your mare.  Our covered walker and schooling facilities also mean that we can keep your stallion at competition fitness whilst in livery at the stud.

Frozen semen collection service

Our partnership with West Kington Stud enables semen to be frozen straight away and then stored in our liquid nitrogen tanks for as long as you need it.





Collection for Freezing 

£90 + VAT

Freezing one ejaculation to include the first 5 doses

£85.00 + VAT

Additional doses   (after first 5) produced from freezing one ejaculation

£9.50  per dose

Frozen semen storage   (1-20 doses)

£10.00  per month

Frozen semen storage   (21-50 doses)

£16.00 per month

Frozen semen storage   (51-100 doses)

£22.00 per month