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Embryo Transfer

We provide a Fixed Price Embryo transfer from your competition mare allowing you to maintain their training and competition schedule whilst the surrogate mare carries and delivers their foal.

11338999202.0cd0d202fffc10edfad49a856c260608329eade8.jpgKington Langley Stud, in partnership with Bourton Vale Equine Veterinary group can offer you a service providing transparent costs which are fixed and fully inclusive for each embryo transfer cycle with fresh and chilled semen.   

Take the opportunity to breed from your top class competition mare whilst you are still competing her by using a surrogate mare to carry the foal.  You can repeat this procedure more than once per breeding season using the chilled or fresh semen of your chosen stallion.

Embryo transfer enables mares to reproduce and reduces any risk to their health or impact to their careers. We have worked with clients who have taken more than one embryo from their mare and allowed them to consider selling the mare when the time is right keeping her breeding lines and valuable foals.

What’s involved?

We have a purpose built embryo transfer facility and have top class facilities to manage your mare and the embryo transfer process.  Our experienced vets work with our stud team managing your mare in season and ensuring that recipient mares are also cycling in season with her in  preparation to receive her embryo.

Your competition mare will be inseminated with fresh or chilled semen when she is ovulating and around 8 days later the embryo  will then be flushed from her uterus and transferred to a recipient mare to carry for the rest of the pregnancy term.  Your competition mare is then free to carry on competing!