Breeding Services - Delivering Winners!

KL Stud is a private stud providing a personal service for you and your mare, we are extremely proud of our bloodlines and have been breeding horses for over 20 years. 

Our brand new stud building has been designed and built to complete and support the full breeding cycle from collecting semen to delivering foals.

Bob Livock who owns and runs KL Stud is an experienced horseman and has been involved with stallion handling and stud work for most of his life.  



Qualified AI Technician

We can assist you in every step of the way from selecting the right stallion to managing the mare to come in season and Artificially Inseminate with your selected stallions semen on site. Bob Livock, stud owner and manager is a qualified AI Technician. We have a selection of frozen semen at site and can also accept frozen and fresh semen from other suppliers.


GrafQuidam2.jpgFacilities at Stud

  • Brand new, state of the art stallion collection and insemination building. Built to DEFRA international standards

  • Embryo transfer

  • Dummy mare for collection of fresh semen with secure teasing area for mare

  • Specially designed stocks to enable veterinary work to be carried out safely with minimum stress to your mare

  • Shower and solarium

  • Covered horse walker

  • Large outdoor arena

  • Indoor nursery barn

  • Separate mare and foal paddocks

  • Foaling boxes with CCTV to monitor mares due to foal 24 hours a day


Veterinary Services

We work in partnership with our local vets team to ensure we have the right back-up to help us deliver your foal.  We can take care of everything from swabbing to scanning, or if preferred mares can just come for a few days to be served.